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"Ei-RC" - Electronic tubes factory

Since 1951.

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Who we are[Under Construction]


"Ei RC" operates as a subsidiary of Elektronska Industrija (Ei) Holding Corporation, Niš, Yugoslavia. The factory has been founded in 1951 using Telefunken technology. In 1959 Philips technology had been adapted and production was mainly devoted to the radio and TV tubes. There were 126 tybe types (NOVAL, OCTAL, MAGNOVAL) in production with overall capacity of 12 millions pcs/yr. In the mid eighties this production programme has been abandoned due to the technological obsolence and lack of the market. The factory has been specialized for production of audio tubes and is well-known by its high quality products. During the war and UN embargo against Yugoslavia (1992.-2000.) the factory has been passed trough a very difficult period. However, in spite of rumors spreaded over, hereby we claim that we are not destroyed in the NATO bombing during the war in 1999. Moreover, we are very alive and ready to serve our customers' needs. 

Our today's production capabilites include:

• metal and wire-made parts

• glass and glass-to-metal parts

• tube parts: cathodes, heating filaments, grids, mica parts

• tube assembling, encapsulation, vacuum pumping, final forming

• quality control and inspection

The factory resides at nearly 6000 square meters, it is equipped with all necessary machines and logistics, and employ 190 workers.

We are located at Nis, the second largest city in Serbia, 250 kilometers (~150 miles) away from the Yugoslav capital Belgrade, on the road to the Athens (Greece). The easiest way to reach us is to take plane to Belgrade and later to use car on E-75 highway to Nis.


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