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6FQ7[Under Construction]








6FQ7 is A.F. Double Triode


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Quick reference data

  •     Anode current Ia=10,5mA

  •     Transcoductance S=2,6mA/V

  •     Amplification m=20


Indirect by AC or DC

Heater voltage  Vf  6,3 (V)
Heater current  If  0,6 (A)

Dimensions and connections

Base: Noval


Typical characteristics and operating conditions (Class A amplifier)

Anode voltage Va 90 250 (V)
Grid voltage Vg 0 -8 (V)
Anode current Ia 10 9 (mA)
Transconductance S 3 2,6 (mA/V)
Amplification m 20 20  
Anode dissipation either P 4 4 (W)
both 5,7 5,7
Heater to cathode voltage Vkf 200 200 (V)

Limiting - maximal values (each unit)

Anode voltage Vao 500 (V)
Va 330
Grid voltage Vg -100 (V)
Anode dissipation either P 4 (W)
both 5,7
Heater to cathode voltage Vkf 200 (V)
Cathode to heater circuit resistance in phase splitting circuits Rkf 150 (kW)



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