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ECC83[Under Construction]








ECC83 is A.F. Double Triode


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Quick reference data

  •     Anode current Ia=1,2mA

  •     Transcoductance S=1,6mA/V

  •     Amplification m=100


Heating is indirect by AC or DC, with serial or parallel supply. 

Heater voltage  Vf  6,3 12,6 (V)
Heater current  If  300 150 (mA)
pins   9-(4+5) 4-5  

Dimensions and connections

Base: Noval


Note: With Vf applied to pins 4+5 and 9, and center tap of the heater transformer connected to the ground, the more favourable triode section of the tube (regarding to hum) is the section connected to pins 6, 7, and 8.

Typical characteristics and operating conditions

Anode voltage Va 100 250 (V)
Grid voltage Vg -1 -2 (V)
Anode current Ia 0,5 1,2 (mA)
Transconductance S 1,25 1,6 (mA/V)
Amplification m 100 100  
Internal resistance Ri 80 62,5 (kW)

Limiting - maximal values (design center rating system)

Anode voltage Vao 550 (V)
Va 300
Anode dissipation Wa 1 (W)
Cathode current Ik 8 (mA)
Grid voltage Vg -50 (V)
Grid resistor
(automatic bias)
Rg 2 (MW)
Cathode to heater voltage Vkf 180 (V)
Cathode to heater circuit resistance in phase splitting circuits Rkf 150 (kW)

Application note:

This tube can be used without precautions against microphony in equipment which is characterized by Vi >= 10mV for an output of 50mW (or Vi>=100mV for 5W output), provided that average acceleration of the tube is not greater than indicated in the Section "Microphonic effect"  from the "Application directions". In this case the disturbance level for hum and noise will be better than -60dB when the center tap of the heater has been grounded, Rg=<0,5MW and Rk is sufficiently decoupled.

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